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"I'm here to increase the usability and efficiency of your space, and enhance your business curb appeal in the most aesthetic way..."


Wish to enhance your customer loyalty, making them come back to your establishment again and again?

   -> Utilise space in the most effective way to create a pleasant stay.

Storage rooms and service areas need to be accessible to employees but invisible to customers.When the use of interior space is handled correctly and functions well, it greatly increases the effectiveness of the structure, the staff wellbeing and the customer feeling.

   -> Make your customers dream with your new decor...

They should feel they are the main characters in a story you are writing: fantastic decor, harmonious colours, eccentric details, comfortable furniture, unique accessories...

Hotel lounge after makeover project
restaurant room after bespoke interior design project


   Would you like increase your efficiency, your profitability?

   -> Change your layout to make every move easy and/or increase the number of tables in your room.

   Fancy rejuvenating the image of your restaurant?

    -> Dare to try something completely different, another style, new colours, patterns, materials, furnitures, accessories... Make your setting a proper theatre "mise en scène."

   Need to boost your existing identity?

   -> Add some crazy elements, unique furniture or upcycle your old furniture into more desirable pieces.



Want to increase your sales and profit?

   -> Consider what you show from the outside and change your window display often, to keep your customers intrigued.

   -> Change your layout and enhance the flow in your shop to encourage customers to visit each department of the shop. Beware of customers' habits and use them to make  each item you sell more visible.

   -> Make your storage room functional, organised and accessible to employees but always invisible to customers.


Want to make an impression?

   -> Play on the wow effect, astonish everyone who comes through the door, using different fabrics, materials, and displaying unique pieces of furniture.

   Keep your identity but change everything about your approach, the way the customer discovers, tries and buys your products, turning your shop into a true adventure for the senses.

Leather shop after makeover project
Open space in workplace after bespoke interior design project


Would you like your staff motivated, dedicated and working more efficiently?

   -> Design your usable space based on the needs of your business and your building.

   -> Fit multiple cubicles like some privacy bubbles into a shared area. Don't pack them too tightly so as to decrease productivity.

Each employee should feel they have their own environnement providing functionality and comfort to increase efficiency.

Teamwork is key to a successful business?

   -> Create a friendly inviting communal area, so that employees will want to stay a bit longer, enjoying chatting with colleagues and debating work.

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