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"I'm here to improve the livability and comfort of your space, and enhance your everyday life in the most aesthetic way..."


Staging is the art of preparing a private residence for sale.

It aims to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and/or for a higher price.

It’s all about showcasing the home at its very best, maximise its appeal to buyers, from "one more on the market" to a welcoming, attractive product that everyone will want to buy.

Home Staging differs from Interior Design in that the costs are low

to keep the dedicated budget profitable.

Boho lounge after home staging project
Living room after makeover work


It's a full interior design process with a small budget, using things you already own with new ones for a good effect, rather than a full-on bespoke interior.

You can get a total redesign of your home keeping your personality on a more affordable budget, still with the expertise and style of an interior designer.


Total change for the house you already live in for a long time or for the house you just bought.

Everything starts with you from your needs, requirements and desires. Then we’ll work together to make your dream real and create your ideal home, whether that is one room or the entire house.

Each project is different, a unique collaboration between designer and client.

It is tailored to your own timescale and budget.

Notebook pencils and markers for La Chaise Bleue Interior design drawings
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